Construction Cleaning Services

In a construction site, it is very difficult to keep everything in order. While this frantically comes to an end, it is more the disaster that is imposed

No matter how careful the workers of a construction site are, the floor is the one that carries most of the construction process, since cement drops, solvents, grease and lots and lots of earth make it impossible to imagine the titanic task of taking that place totally dusty to the neatness of an office building.

Stains of paint, cement or plaster are the most frequent and, to treat them, each of them requires the use of a product with certain properties depending on the case and the surface.

Household vacuum cleaners are incapable of sucking up cement, or plaster, residues, and they would be damaged; if the construction, on the other hand, has many glasses or these are very high, it is necessary to use scaffolding and certified safety equipment, as well as industrial products that do not damage the surface but effectively remove the silicone stains, among others, from the glass in the shortest possible time.

The exterior of the work is of the most complex parts to have to use industrial pressure hoses, commonly hidrolavadoras, to remove dust and it does not disperse or go back in and settle again, but be careful, a person without the correct Training can be endangered by performing all these tasks, in addition to having to take the amount of time that this requires.

It’s where we enter.

Regardless of the size of the construction, our cleaning professionals are accustomed to this type of work, with the greatest discretion working day and night to give that last touch, the final finish, to your project.

Take it from the map to the magazine photograph with trained personnel and state-of-the-art technology so that this new place is the cradle and the starting point of the success and the endeavour that you expect.

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