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Restaurant Cleaning Services


Professional restaurant cleaning services in Utah

A clean and organized place gives a great first great impression. This is a must for restaurants. Cleanliness and sanitation are silent key factors when someone chooses where to eat. Impress your guests and regular customers and keep them coming back.

Jani-Serv is a professional cleaning company also devoted to professional restaurant cleaning services. We serve either a fast food chain or an upscale and well-established restaurant. No matter the size or the traffic volume, food establishments can count on our professional cleaning service as well as on our fully trained and supervised cleaning team.

Jani-Serv has experience with the cleaning and sanitizing according to each surface and area. Rest assured that your food establishment will be passing all white glove examination with flying colors. Project a reliable and inviting place where customers only remember to have been well cared for as well as well served. Let cleaning duties in our professional hands.

Our restaurant cleaning services include:

● Addressing specific cleaning of floors and services
● Disinfecting high touched surfaces (Countertops, door handles, menus, display cases,
Bar) as well as high traffic areas (Circulation areas, bar, lounge area)
● Cleaning light fixtures
● Interior and exterior window cleaning
● Vacuuming and spot cleaning rugs and carpet
● Disinfecting all table tops (service areas included)
● Parking lot of power washing and sweeping
● Storage cleaning
● Loading area
● 24/7 availability
● Service of Emergency Calls

We also take care of your kitchen. The kitchen is not just the heart of your business but the area that demand full cleaning devotion.

Jani-Serv can provide thorough cleaning service and maintenance for your cooking area as well as for your walk-in refrigerated spaces, including: cleaning, disinfecting, and power washing of floor, walls, and shelving. Regular and periodical cleaning of appliances, including: ovens, ice makers, stoves, range hoods, and microwave ovens. Stainless steel polishing, fan cleaning, and grease trap cleaning are also part of the services that we offer to your restaurant.

Experience the blissful feeling of our assistance by helping you be ready for your customers and for a new business day. If you own a restaurant in Utah, and especially in the Salt Lake City metro area, call us at 801-500-4747. We look forward to addressing your cleaning needs and set up a custom effective plan for your restaurant or food establishment.