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Our Cleaning Standard

Our Cleaning Standards

Users, visitors, workers, and customers expect facilities to be well presented. This simply means well cleaned and well-maintained facilities, offices, and installations.

JanitorUtah believes that cleaning standards should aim to improve the quality of spaces as well as the living and work standards. Consequently, addressing each cleaning need, identifying its specific cleaning method, and tackling it in a managed and appropriate manner is the essence of professional cleaning.

JanitorUtah high-quality standards begin by identifying the/your cleaning need, how often this need should be attended, addressing that need through a custom designed cleaning program that will be put in practice by the manager who will supervise the equipment, tools, and products to be given to a well-trained cleaning team.

JanitorUtah follows the cleaning standards regulations established by the state and by the industry. This approach provides peace of mind to our clients. If any of our facilities our company cleans on a regular basis have to go through a thorough evaluation, we are confident that the result of our professional service will pass with flying colors.

For us, it is important to our potential and regular customers to know that:

– We address each cleaning task with specific considerations. The location, use, traffic, and needs are key factors to be considered and define the professional approach to each cleaning task, the type of business we are cleaning. The customer considerations are key to create a solid cleaning plan.
– Our cleaning jobs maintain the same quality standards and devotion throughout time. We aim and deliver clean and pristine spaces for each new or a long term customer.
– Every team has an appointed manager who is responsible for the supervision of each task and, therefore, for each cleaning task.
– Our success relies on the thorough evaluation of each cleaning and sanitizing need and the creation of a plan specifically addressed to serve that need.
– JanitorUtah is open to observations while, at the same time, we are our own best critics. This means that we are always looking for ways and methods to improve how we do our job and how to improve its results.

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